About Us

SCALY.SHOP - A hoard of legendary creature wares

Welcome to Scaly.Shop, a mythical emporium born from the passion of Nightingale and Fleeks for legendary creatures. Frustrated by the scarcity of dragon merchandise at conventions and the lack of other mythical beings like gryphons and kobolds, they embarked on a quest to bring these treasures to the world. Their journey began at furry cons throughout 2022 and into 2023, where their shared fervor ignited a great partnership.

Now, Scaly.Shop proudly offers a diverse selection of mythical scaly and non-scaly creature-themed merchandise at conventions worldwide as well as online with global shipping. We continue to add talented artists to our roster, ensuring that our hoard of wares remains captivating and ever-growing. Embrace the magic of legendary creatures as dragons soar through our store together with gryphons, kobolds, and lizardfolk, ready to transform your world into a realm of enchantment.

Scaly.Shop is proudly owned, operated, and fueled by LGBTQIA+ creatures and allies.