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Custom Engraved Brass Coin

Custom Engraved Brass Coin

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Engraved and polished by one little hard working kobold (that's me), these custom coins are the perfect addition to any hoard!

Each coin is double sided and deep laser engraved on solid brass. They are hand polished and delivered in a protective case. These coins are hefty and feel great for coin tosses!

This listing is for project setup and production of a single coin. If you wish to order extra copies of the same coin, please use the product add-on options for "extra coins" on this page.

You may request a different design on each side, or use the same design on both sides. The project price remains the same for both options.

If you have your own artwork, it must be a black and white design (no greys or gradients). The art may be provided as a vector file or raster image (which will be vectorized by us).

If you do not have your own artwork, you may request a custom design to be made for you by Art of Fleeks in the add-on options. We will follow up with you once your order is placed to get your references and description.

Turnaround time is up to 2 weeks. This is in addition to any time required for commissioned artwork.

As part of this order, you will receive direct communication with Gale Kobold. The process works as follows:
1. Initial communication with customer and receipt of artwork (or commission if the customer is not providing their own artwork)
2. Layout images for the coin are sent to the customer for approval
3. First coin is engraved and polished. Pictures and video are sent to the customer.
4. If there are any problems at this stage, an additional fee will be charged to modify the design and make another proof copy.
5. If all is well, all extra copies of the coin are made.
6. Order is shipped!

Coin Measurements
Diameter: 1.5" (40mm)

Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
Weight: 1oz (28.3g)

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