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Custom Canvas Print - Up to 13x19"

Custom Canvas Print - Up to 13x19"

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With deep blacks, amazing contrast, and vibrant colors, our custom canvas printing service can bring your digital artwork to life! This is a slot for a custom print of your choice on up to 13x19” canvas paper. The canvas has a matte textured surface and is made of 100% cotton rag paper. This canvas is best displayed framed with no protective glass or with magnetic poster hangers.

You must have permission from the original artist to have one or more prints made. Custom prints must be for personal use only.

Acceptable content: Any original artwork, including NSFW. This service is primarily intended for furries who have received commissioned art with permission to print for themselves or for artists who would like a personal copy of their own work. We will not print any works that promote bigotry, fascism, racism, or child abuse.

Image requirements: Best image quality is at 300dpi. For a size of 13x19”, this equates to a pixel resolution of 5700x3900. However, depending on art style, images as low as 1920x1080 can be scaled up and look fantastic when printed at 13x19” on this canvas paper.

If you have any questions about your project or are not sure if your content will be accepted for printing, please contact us before purchasing this item.

Image sizing options:

  • Crop to Fit: Your image will be cropped in order to fill the entire 13x19” canvas. We will ensure that the main focus of your image is impacted as little as possible. If this is not possible, we will ask you how you would like to proceed.
  • Cut to Image: Your image will be printed so that the largest side fully fills the canvas. The remaining white space will be trimmed from the paper after printing. This option results in a borderless print at the same aspect ratio as the source image. However, it may not fit standard frame sizes.
  • Leave White Space: Your image will be printed so that the largest side fully fills the canvas. Any remaining white space will be left on the paper. This option may be good if you are planning to frame the print or would like to have a margin present anyway.

The process: Once your request is received, we will contact you using your order e-mail with a print preview. Upon your approval, the print will be finished and shipped. You may also contact us via email or any of our social media accounts if you have any questions. For any questions regarding an order that has already been placed, please include your order number.

No cash refunds: Purchase of this service can not be refunded in cash. If a refund must be issued, it will be as a store gift card.

Discounted pricing: If you are an artist and would like to discuss having your print distributed through this store, or having a run of prints made for you to sell yourself, please contact us for discounted pricing.

Images in this product listing:

  • The first image shows a personal commission done by Crowtaur Arts. It shows off just how well this canvas takes black and dark colors and provides excellent contrast. This is a "Cut to Image" type of sizing where the canvas was trimmed after printing to match the aspect ratio of the original artwork. It is hung between a pair of magnetic poster hangers.
  • The second image shows a full pre-cut 13x19" canvas sheet.
  • The third image shows the slight texturing present in the canvas material.
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