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Custom Wax Seal

Custom Wax Seal

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Commission your own custom Wax Seals! The total cost of your seal is determined by the options below. See examples for cost calculation. One-time artwork fees will be waived for additional seals of the same design.

List price for this item is a $10 deposit to hold your commission slot. This deposit counts towards payment for your invoice.

Turnaround time for custom seals is up to 2 weeks. This is in addition to any time required for commissioned artwork.

Wax Seal Prices

The prices listed below will be sent as an invoice after paying the list price and all project details have been discussed and agreed upon.

One-time artwork cost

  • Bring your own art from a custom Rubber Stamp: +$10
  • Bring your single-color art*: +$20
  • Custom art by Fleeks**: +$40
* "Bring your own" artwork must be a single-color design or vector artwork
** Custom art by Fleeks is an artistic liberty simple headshot stamp design based on a provided reference image.

Wax Seal production costs

 Diameter (inches) Cost ($USD)
1" + handle +$15
1", no handle +$13
1.2" + handle +$20
1.2", no handle +$18

Wax seal orders include one free wax candle. Additional wax candles can be purchased for $2 each.

The total costs above are sent as an invoice after claiming a slot by purchasing this list item.

Example invoice price

  • Custom art by Fleeks for a 1" seal with handle
    custom art + seal w/handle
    $40 + $15 = $55

  • Bring your own artwork for a 1.2" seal with handle
    BYOA + seal w/handle
    $20 + $20 = $40

  • Custom art by Fleeks for a 1" seal w/handle and a 1" w/o handle
    custom art + seal w/handle + seal w/o handle
    $40 + $15 + $13 = $68

  • BYO artwork for scaled variants of 1" and 1.2" seals
    BYOA + 1" seal w/handle + 1.2" seal w/o handle
    $20 + $15 + $18 = $53
  • Additional copy of a 1.2" seal w/o handle ordered at a later time
    list price and artwork fees are waived and copies are invoiced directly
    total = $18

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