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Jade Mountain Academy Acrylic Light

Jade Mountain Academy Acrylic Light

Art by:
  1. Art Of Fleeks
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Jade Mountain Academy is a pioneering educational institution for young dragons of various scales, aiming to promote peace and unity in the aftermath of a decades long cruel war. Founded by the famous heros of a prophecy, the academy is nestled within the claws of Jade Mountain and provides a safe haven for learning and collaboration among dragonkind, fostering an environment where students can explore their unique abilities and build lasting friendships.

Laser engraved on acrylic and displayed on a color changing stand.

The included remote can be used to brighten or dim the display as well as set the display to a static color, smoothly transition between all colors, or flash between all colors. The light is bright enough to still be colorful even in a fully lit room, but can also be dimmed enough to be comfortable in a dark room.

Includes light base, remote, and USB cable. Measurements with stand: 5" wide, 6.5" tall, 3.5" deep.

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