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Pack Tactics Acrylic Light

Pack Tactics Acrylic Light

Art by:
  1. Art Of Fleeks
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Kobolds are stronger together. One kobold may be easy XP, but a kobolds fighting in a group are deadly. This design encompasses the spirit of pack tactics (and kobolds like to eat dice, it's canon, don't look it up).

The "Pack Tactics" logo is laser engraved on acrylic and displayed on a color changing stand.

The included remote can be used to brighten or dim the display as well as set the display to a static color, smoothly transition between all colors, or flash between all colors. The light is bright enough to still be colorful even in a fully lit room, but can also be dimmed enough to be comfortable in a dark room.

Includes light base, remote, and USB cable. Measurements with stand: 5" wide, 6.5" tall, 3.5" deep.

Laser engraving is done in-house by our very own kobold. Please contact us for custom orders.

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